Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drake Album Release

The awaited and anticipated release of Drakes new album, "Thank Me Later" has fans bombarded with product everywhere. As a music lover, I just so happened to be looking for a previous CD release of another artist in Borders Books and Music, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. While scurrying through the music section of each of the stores, I happened to stumble upon massive displays of Drake's new release to the level of which I have never seen. I mean mercilessly out-shining any other CD product shelved would be an understatement. While in awe of this, I began to wonder about the distribution on his Drake's new album. When product is mass produced to this scale, is it followed by a sincere marketing research to fulfill demand. Or, is this a strong arm attempt by his Record and Distribution Company to create a product selling fiasco?

Drake, the son of Larry Graham, the Drummer for the 70's hit band Graham Central Station, has been nothing but a child of privilege. Drake also, co-stared in the famed "teenibopper" show,"Degrassi High". After joining up with Lil Wayne's Rap group "Young Money" his celebrity status has been climbing ever since. With such a short stint as a career rapper, and his skill while ever developing, does this warent such an explosive distribution campaign. Judging by the appearance of this his label's distribution efforts, they might be expecting this album to go platinum. While there is no direct connection to massive product placement on store shelves, this strategy may prove to be successful for on many levels.

1) Drake is marketable
2) He has a multi-directional brand
3) His is joined on the album with the likes of Jay-Z, Swizz Beat, and Young Jeezy

Whether its a combination of supply in demand or wishful thinking on the record labels part. It seems that their efforts will not return void. Only time will tell if Drake's star-power, yet un-proven rap career, is convincing enough to hook hip-hop fans into making this massive product distribution a success.